Friday, January 21, 2011

Got Milk?

Mare's milk, all the rave 5000 years ago, is back in fashion. * Cleopatra may have bathed in ass's milk when horse's milk would have done just fine. * Milk lovers may live longer. * Adding milk to black tea wrecks its health benefits. * Failure to-date: trying to turn grass into milk without use of a cow. * Giving a cow a name may boost her milk production. * Breast milk ice cream, anyone? * A mother's laughter may improve the health benefits of her breast milk. * A laser-assisted robot milkmaid in Sweden milks cows anytime they want, and they want it a lot. * Tit birds like milk (but we should have known that). * Breast milk should be drunk at the same time of day that it is expressed. * Space Yoghurt.

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