Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Job Search Tip: Don't Drink at the Interview!

Looking for a job? Has your prospective boss invited you to a dinner interview? If so, don't drink! 

And if someone pours wine, don't even pick up the glass.

Publishing in this April's Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers at the University of Michigan and at the Wharton School of Business demonstrate that:
  • Your even holding an alcoholic beverage might diminishes someone's impression of your intelligence.
  • Being seen drinking also makes your arguments seem less persuasive.
  • Job candidates who drink wine during recruiting interviews are seen as less intelligent.
Unfortunately for them, many job candidates have the wrong intuitions about alcohol and interview dinners. In a study of 444 Executive MBA students from Wharton, most students said about a hypothetical dinner interview that ordering wine would make them seem more intelligent than would ordering soda.

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